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Attention points for making plastic mold (1)
Apr 20, 2018

When designing plastic products(Plastic phone cases, electronic plastic shell, home appliance plastic housing, automotive plastic parts.),Do not only emphasize product design, ignore plastic mold manufacturing.

Some users often focus only on product development and development when developing products or trial production of new products, and neglect to communicate with plastic mold making units. After the preliminary design of the product design plan, there are two benefits to contacting the mold manufacturer in advance:

1, can ensure that the design of the product has a good forming process, will not be due to the parts difficult to modify the fixed design.

2, the mold maker can make design preparations in advance to prevent ill-considered rush, affecting the duration.

3, the production of high-quality plastic mold, only the close cooperation between the supply and demand sides, in order to ultimately reduce costs and shorten the cycle.

plastic phone case mould

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