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Characteristics of plastic mold Phone cases mold
May 24, 2018

Say plastic moulds can bring what kind of convenience to our lives, I want to say before the first to know about the plastic mold what are the characteristics, general plastic moulds and have adornment effect.Good dimensional stability, low hygroscopicity of mold making, so it can keep dimension stability and strength constant in humid environment.Its quality is hard, but compared with other elastic materials, it is more likely to scratch due to friction.The thermal conductivity does not change with temperature, so it can be used as cold insulation material.For the average outdoor environmental conditions has good resistance to imperial forces but larger influence on uv, general when exposed to uv discoloration and embrittlement, in under the influence of ultrasonic degradation of these features make guangdong plastic moulds in developed and widely used in the production and living areas, like plastic mold products easy to shape, so a lot of the shape of the plastic moulds are very good-looking, let people feast for the eyes.

Phone cases mold :

Phone cases mold

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