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European and American platic mold export standards
May 11, 2018

European and American plastic mold export standards:

1. plate    : Plate screw commonly used cup head screw and head screw.

2. lifter : Lifter is made of slide block and wear block, and the material is bronze.

3. water line plug: “HASCO”1/4”BRS or 1/8”BRS。

4. Water line inside the holes: mold to processing, mold or so don't processing. Commonly used specifications: 20 x20 Ø, Ø x20. 25.

5. Identification: often parts name, part number, company name, cavity identification, material identification, recyclable logo, date stamp.

6. Mould surface requirements :Sparkerusion, Polished , Photo etched.

7. Mold base A and B should have lock plate  (2PCS).

8. The mold is packed in butter, transparent plastic bag and sterilized wooden case.

9. Mould label: mold number, part number, product name, manufacturing date, mold weight.


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