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How to choose the correct flat protective cover for the body?
Sep 26, 2017

Are you going to buy protective shells for your iPad? Maybe you only take into account the shape, color and design of the flat cover when you buy, but you never think about the material, the quality, the good or the bad. Many messages on the Internet now say that mobile phones are protective against people's health. When you hear the news, do you still think about the external things? On the contrary, the inner is more important!

Now, let's start with the small shell together with the inside of the protective shell. How can we choose a flat protective cover that is harmless to the body?.

To protect the inner shell, we should start from the following three aspects. First, the material of the product is not high quality raw material; two, whether there is impurity in the product material; and three, whether the pigment is qualified or not.

At present, our common protective shell includes plastic, metal, cortex, silica gel, PU material and cloth. For regular users, we often use transparent, translucent, and opaque products primarily made of plastic. General plastic shell is more harmful to the human body, and if your protective shell exudes a strong flavor of the chemical, then please refuse to use.

Silicone: silicone shield is also a modern popular mobile / flat protection shell, with permeability, clear and transparent, and will not affect the beauty of the phone itself.

It should be noted that: silicone protective cover on human tissue without irritation, non-toxic, no allergic reaction, and the body rejection rarely. Moreover, the price is cheap, replaced with the old, will not feel bad.

Cheap shell looks glamorous, many of which are in the trash those broken plastic bottles and some industrial waste processed, protective shell of these toxic materials made of recycled materials / bad, long-term use will have an impact on the health of the user, if the child will protect the shell of toxic suction in the mouth and that's not good.

Therefore, we want to buy materials of good quality, fine workmanship of products, in the end what to buy protective sleeve? I suggest you choose it. Jun Qi digital is a perfect protective cover manufacturer for mobile phones and tablets, specializing in the production of natural and harmless silicone protective cover.

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