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Leather Ipad Tab & phone Case---Dermal identification method
Apr 16, 2018

Leather  Ipad Tab & phone CaseHow do we identify whether it is leather?

1. Hand touch: Touch the leather surface by hand, if it is smooth, soft, plump, elastic feeling is the leather; and general artificial leather surface is astringent, rigid, poor flexibility, press the leather surface with your fingers, there is no obvious Pores wrinkles. If there is wrinkles after pressing, it will not disappear naturally, it is leather.

2. Seeing: The real leather surface has clearer pores and patterns. The yellow leather has well-proportioned fine pores. The steer skin has coarse and sparse pores. The goat skin has scaly pores. The leather surface has no pores, which is an important feature to distinguish between true and false leather.

3. Taste: All the leather has the smell of leather; and artificial leather has a strong irritating plastic smell.

4. Ignite: After tearing a little fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather, all the pungent odors that ignite when it is ignited are artificial leather; any leather that emits a hair odor that does not form a hard coat. Cut corners burning, odor, but non-hair char smell.

5. Identification of water absorption: The surface of the dermis has good water absorption, whereas the fake skin has the opposite and has better water resistance. Fingers can be used to pick up some water, wipe on the surface of the garment, observe its water absorption, such as good water absorption, for the dermis, poor water absorption or no water absorption, most of fake leather.

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