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Maintenance mobile phone protective cover, flat protective leather case
Sep 26, 2017

Whether we are spending much of the price to buy a mobile phone shell, flat your love, over time, will inevitably occur, leather surface stains yellow silica gel aging, regardless of the protection sleeve is not high, but the appearance of you even dare to compliment.

According to the following description, leather sheath can become more beautiful with the years:

Avoid leather moisture or direct heat (fire).

Avoid exposure or prolonged exposure to light.

Avoid any contact with alcohol (perfume, solvents, etc.) and oily substances (cosmetics, etc.).

Avoid contact with rough and corrosive substances.

Avoid friction between metal parts, otherwise the surface will fall off and be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

Special attention to avoid white or light colored leather stains, stains stained with light leather stains will be more difficult to clean up.


When cleaning your case, wipe with light colored, non abrasive, soft dry cloth.

If the case was wet with water, not to dry, use dry cloth to absorb light taps, water.

If you get a stain, use a soft, damp cloth to press lightly, then dry, then gently apply a transparent Leather Cream in a loop

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