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Mobile phone silicone protective cover features and Application
Sep 26, 2017

Speaking of mobile phone use silicone protective cover the first hub of its characteristics, Shenzhen Kotel silicone products Co. Ltd production of mobile phone sets of silicone adsorption function of high mechanical strength, thermal stability, chemical stability, high silica, on the basis of the pore size divided into big pore silica gel, porous silica, silica gel, silica gel pore type B.

Mobile silicone protective sleeve features can be summarized as five points:

I. It can deform, resist high temperature, resist acid and alkali, and does not expand.

Two, shrinkage complex modulus, silicone molding shrinkage of 1/1000.

Three, with ability outstanding, outstanding rent, mobile phone sets of silicone is not only beautiful, make your goods, the goods is not deformed, in the high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, without any problems, silicone mold -50 degrees below zero is still not brittle. It is still soft, excellent imitation results.

Four, silica gel maintenance sleeve is 100% pure natural solid silicone rubber hydraulic machine essence, more than 10 manual procedures.

Five, silicone mobile phone cover environmental use, can be customized: a certain amount of tension and flexibility, wear-resistant, high temperature, non-toxic, tasteless, no adverse effects on the human body. Beautiful, long life, does not stimulate the skin and so on.

Silicone mobile phone sets made of excellent silicone material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, soft texture, feel good, wear-resistant.

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