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Mold design, commonly used plastic materials
Sep 26, 2017

Allyl ester resin

Allyl ester is an ester based on allyl. The monacid based or dibasic acid allyl ester can be used as a low viscosity thermoplastic monomer or prepolymer. They are often used as crosslinking agents for unsaturated resins and are also used in the manufacture of thermosetting molding materials and high-performance transparent materials. Resin in the high temperature and humidity conditions still maintain the original electrical properties, molded products with dimensional stability, chemical resistance, mechanical strength and good heat resistance and so on. The addition of flame retardant resins to vinyl ester resins is available in the market and some varieties have been accredited by the Underwriters laboratory. Some resins, tested with their thin test pieces, have flammability levels of UL94, V - 0 flammability, and are resistant to strong arc ignition and arc track resistance.

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The most widely used allyl esters in commercial use are phthalic acid diallyl ester and diallyl phthalate monomer and prepolymer, which are easily converted into thermosetting molding compounds, and glass cloth and paper prepreg.

Two, diethylene glycol bis (allyl carbonate)

Because of its good transparency, it is used more and more widely. It is the main material for making plastic lenses due to its lightness, stability, wear resistance and easy to be painted. Other applications include dashboard covers, camera filters, and rapidly growing areas of the glass industry.

Recently, there was a kind of bisphenol A modified bis (allyl carbonate), it is a transparent polymer with high refractive index (1.56), more than two glycol bis (allyl carbonate) has high refractive index. In addition, there is a modified type for lens design, which can change the lens design. Other monomers with commercial value are allyl fumarate and maleic acid diallyl ester.  This is a highly reactive three functional monomer containing two types of double bonds for polymerization. Allyl methacrylate also has bifunctional properties, which can be used as crosslinker and monomer intermediates. Cyanuric acid allyl ester can be used as crosslinking agent of unsaturated polyester resin.

The typical catalytic systems are peroxides, such as benzoic acid, dibutyl phthalate, benzoic acid peroxide, or two base peroxide, which are sufficiently thermally stable and sustainable to crosslink. The best products are two diethylene glycol bis (allyl carbonate) and two isopropyl carbonate two, because they are not only light in color, but also highly transparent. The amount of initiator is usually 2 to 3 phr per 100 resin.

The molding grade is mainly fiber filled and filled with mineral fibers, glass fibers, and synthetic fibers. The molded products have excellent electrical properties and low loss factor at high temperature and humidity. High surface resistance and volume resistance, high arc resistance and arc resistance. The insulation strength value of diallyl phthalate is still good at 374 degrees F, while the diallyl phthalate is better than 400 DEG F.


Most phthalates are commonly used in key parts of electrical or electronic equipment to ensure a high degree of performance in harsh environmental conditions.

A very important application field is electrically connected device communications, computer, aerospace systems, other applications include insulator, potentiometer, switch, circuit board, TV components etc., these polymeric materials and modern electronic technology intensive, such as vapor consolidation technology are high. Reinforced plastic. Pre impregnated acrylic resin is used on glass cloth or roving to make tubes, ducts, radome, junction box, aircraft and missile components, etc..

Allyl ester monomer for polyester. Some allyl ester monomer is widely used as a pre molded polyester mat or adhesive crosslinking agent, and laminated prepreg or wet paving crosslinking agent, is widely used in pure material, aggregate and pre mixed plastics, and glass cloth and decorative laminate molding processing. Because the steam molding temperature conditions down at 302 F for 2.4mmHg, therefore, in the manufacture of the finished product, especially large manufacturing finished products, allyl monomer used daop or other less volatile, and less styrene.

Because of its low volatility, allyl ester polyester can be molded at a higher temperature than styrene and polyester, so the molding cycle is faster.

Thermosetting polyester

Unsaturated polyester has a wide range of uses. It has rigidity, resilience, flexibility, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, or burning resistance. Can be without filler, but also with filler, can be enhanced or added pigment. It can be processed at normal or high temperature. Therefore, unsaturated polyester has been widely used in craft, shower, sports equipment, automobile parts, electrical parts, external equipment, artificial marble, buttons, corrosion of tank and accessories, corrugated plate and plate. Automobile repairing material, pillar, wood furniture components, bowling, hot forming organic glass plate reinforced plywood, polymer concrete and paint.

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