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Moulding Process
Jan 31, 2018

Precision Mold Making Process:

Opening material: the cavity mold, the core mold material, inserts materials, line materials, oblique Dingding;
Open box: cavity mold box, mold box;
Open coarse: the former mold cavity open thick, after the mold cavity rough open, the mold line open coarse;
Copper male: the former mold copper public, after the mold copper public, mold line clear angle copper public;
Wire cutting: insert mold line, Tonggong, oblique top pillow;
Computer gongs: fine Gongfen line, fine gong after the mold core;
Electric spark: thick before the mold, copper male, male mold clear corner, after the mold bone, pillow position;
Drilling, pinhole, thimble
Line, line pressure;
Oblique top
Complex thimble with thimble
Other: ① jack Tsui, code mode pit, garbage nails (limit nails); ② fly mode; ③ nozzle, head, spring, water;
Province mode, polishing, front mold, rear mold bone position;
Water structure, pull rod screw hook, spring
Key components of heat treatment, quenching, line surface nitriding;
Modification lettering


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