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Processing technology of precise injection mold cavity parts
Sep 26, 2017

For precision injection mold, the hardness of the cavity parts of the general requirements of one, and sometimes higher. Processing means after heat treatment can be used only for grinding, EDM and chemical corrosion and other special processing although also can use CNC milling machining center processing, but the tool is expensive, so the key is how to divide the development process in which processing heat treatment before, which placed after heat treatment at to minimize the cost and improve the efficiency and quality assurance.

Because of the variety of the plastic parts, the structure of the cavity parts is also different. Different from the template, a simple process about cavity parts not what universal significance, we advice is first in the selection should be chosen with the heat treatment deformation of high quality alloy steel is relatively small, so for smaller parts, but before the heat treatment of a process in place, vacuum heat treatment after simple polishing is finished. Secondly, for the general parts, such as screw holes, water holes, push rod pre hole, etc., need to be processed before heat treatment, the cavity, core surface, leaving the finishing allowance. Third, as with the template process, do a good job before and after heat treatment reference conversion. The process of the cavity parts can be classified as roughing, semi finishing or milling, heat treatment, fine grinding, electrical treatment or surface treatment, polishing and so on.

In order to ensure the quality of injection mould, in addition to improve the design level, grasp the process layout arrangement process plays a vital role in this part is the premise of good quality of injection mold, in order to improve the quality of injection mould, we must improve the level of technology.

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