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Real leather material for mobile phone and protection cover
Apr 25, 2018

In all kinds of leather tablet sleeve and Leather Case, the real leather case is the most popular one.Relative to the style of a single set of silicon, the workplace struggle of business people prefer to use easy and decent holster, and respect for the young people of leisure, holding a mobile phone appearance color single is one's for them.

The advantages of the holster is chic, elegant, don't wear mobile phones, good heat dissipation, but I don't like the silicone set can waterproof ache, holster if too large it will be difficult to put into his pockets, remaining at the same time carry up somewhat inconvenient.

The quality of the leather case is uneven.Although holster in the booth is everywhere, but you get what you pay for, cheap product nature not the leather material, mostly artificial leather or fake leather, does there will soon be cracking glue phenomenon.The leather is durable and has a long service life and is certainly much more expensive.

Please feel free to contact our factory if you want to order genuine leather case.

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