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Shockproof PC Plastic and Silicone Hybrid Protective Mobile Case
Feb 05, 2018

Shockproof PC Plastic and Silicone Hybrid Protective Mobile Case

Injection PC Plastic and Silicone Product features:           

1, this product is made up of pure silicon, combined with imported PC materials, and is known as the most powerful bumper, and is the first choice for outdoor sports.           

2, this product has a multi angle and three-dimensional anti fall function, no matter where your mobile phone from, can protect the body from injury.           

3, the silicone material especially added new material technology, soft, seams suitable, anti-skid, shockproof and other functions, fully protect the beloved mobile phone from the beginning;           

4. It is unique in shape and novel in style. It is easily favored by customers at home and abroad.           

5, color diversity (silica gel color can be configured according to customer requirements), the model is complete, and can be developed to increase your brand and design, and the price of injection moulds is favorable. Welcome to inquire.

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