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Teach you to distinguish between high quality silicone mobile phone sets
Sep 26, 2017

At present, the mobile phone cover has become a necessary mobile phone accessory, because the mobile phone is equipped with mobile phone sets, both beautiful and can play a protective role. In the current market, mobile phone cover is divided into four categories: silicone mobile phone sets, leather, lattice shell, crystal shell.

However, the silicone mobile phone cover is the most popular mobile phone sets, because it feels soft, very texture. The following Xiaobian began to explain, if the distinction between high-quality silicone mobile phone sets:

The first point: smell, there is a pungent smell of silicone mobile phone sets, do not choose.

Second point: look, see whether the material is true, is not worth this price?.

The third point: touch, feel good feel and soft for the quality of silicone mobile phone sets, poor quality hard to touch.

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