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The advantages of high speed cutting technology in injection plastic mold processing and production.
May 12, 2018

In injection plastic mold processing and production, a lot of injection molding factory will use high speed cutting technology, so how to use high speed cutting to the injection mold processing?

Cutting tools and workpieces during high speed cutting can maintain high temperature, which in many cases extend the life of the tool.On the other hand, in high speed cutting, the cutting quantity is shallow and the cutting edge is very short.That is to say, it is quicker to get in the heat.

Low cutting force loses small and divergent tool bending.This is one of the prerequisites for efficient and peaceful processing with the combination of the constant machining allowance required for each tool and procedure.

As the typical cutting depth in high speed cutting is shallow, the radial force on the cutter and spindle is low.This increases the wear of spindle bearing, guide rail and ball screw.High speed cutting and axial milling is also a good combination. It has little impact on the spindle bearing, so it is not very risky to use this method to vibrate the long tool.

The high productivity cutting of small size parts, such as rough machining, semi-finishing and finishing, is very economical when the total material removal rate is relatively low. 

In this way, the number of clamps for injection mold is reduced, and the geometric precision of the injection mold is improved by cutting, and the manual rest and the extension of test mode can be increased.In addition, CAM fragments and workshop oriented programming are used to assist in the formulation of process plans, and the application rate of machine tools and workshops is improved through the process.In addition, it greatly shortened the production cycle and improved the production efficiency, thus enhancing the enterprise market competitiveness of the injection molding factory.

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