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The market potential of mobile phone protection covers is big
Sep 26, 2017

Recently, China quarter mobile phone market tracking report released by the IDC research institutions "(2012 second quarter)" shows that the second quarter of 2012 China mobile phone market shipments of approximately 86 million, representing a growth rate of 10.4%. Among them, the smart phone compared to the previous quarter growth of 25.6%, accounting for 51.3% of the overall mobile phone market, the first time more than functional phones.

The report shows that in 2012 China's smart phone shipments are expected to reach 185 million units. IDC more predict, in 2016, China's smart phone market will account for 72% of mobile phone market, China really entered the mobile IT era. In recent years, the intelligent mobile phone market prosperity undoubtedly will be the upstream and downstream industry market can not ignore the influence, from the touch screen mobile phone, CPU, motherboard to mobile phone protective sleeve, a data line, such as film, promote the industry chain related acceptor, the surrounding market growth far exceeded market expectations, to bring a new development of mobile phone industry market.

Peripheral accessories market potential, the industry has great prospects

Domestic smartphone market share continued to grow, will have a new impact on the mobile phone peripheral accessories market. As one of the most common mobile phone peripheral accessory products, mobile phone protection cover has gradually grown up with the development of the smart phone market in recent years, and formed a special processing industry chain.

"Mobile phone protective sleeve began by mobile phone slimming opportunity became popular, the species has also increased with the increase of mobile phone brands and the function of diversification, as well as a leather, cloth, silicone, hard plastic, soft plastic, velvet, silk and so on, in accordance with the machining process can be divided into injection molding, spraying class, class, class, inkjet printing and laser engraving, IML, diamond and so on." Shenzhen mobile phone coat processing company marketing department manager said.

It is understood that the current domestic mobile phone peripheral products processing companies are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Shenzhen and other coastal areas, especially based on the largest electronic trading market "Asia Huaqiang North business district" and good conditions for foreign trade in Shenzhen business advantage, mobile phone protective cover and other accessories products manufacturers such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged in general. According to market statistics, in 2011 alone, the total output value of mobile phone protection cover has reached more than 300 million yuan. From this point, we can see that there will still be a lot of room for further development in the future market.

High-end market maverick, the low-end market continued prosperity

From the current market situation of mobile phone protection cover, facing different mobile phone products and different demand crowd, product diversification is already a trend.  Manufacturers can design different people for different products, young people prefer multiple fashion, women love is warm and lovely, elegant atmosphere on business people, manufacturers only clear "purpose" to promote its own development.

At present, some companies pay heavily to build luxury series of mobile phone sets. "But at present, the products on the market are mainly facing the ordinary consumer groups, and the number of merchants involved in the high-end market is very few." Manager Li mentioned. In the face of consumer groups, the business must first understand what consumers really need At present, the development of mobile protective cover industry is not perfect, but the hidden market potential is still very huge, manufacturers still have a longer way to go.

According to the International Telecommunication Union statistics, at present Chinese has become the world's largest intelligent mobile phone market, in the face of continued growth of mobile phone accessories production, in the face of the future market, mobile phone protective sleeve manufacturers only need to find their own direction of development and market, innovation in the product, to deal with the market competition, the small industry can have great development.

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