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To Ensure high quality injection mold
Jan 23, 2018

To Ensure high quality injection mold

First, the injection molding process in the production of products, the general injection mold temperature will be higher, so the injection mold factory steel mold injection molding must be tempered by high temperature tempering steel, so that even in the high temperature environment, the overall design is good Mold size will not be affected, thus ensuring the overall mold precision.

Second, in the process of injection molding, the raw materials of plastic products, such as resins and various additives, will corrode the surface of the injection mold, thus affecting the overall precision of the injection mold. Therefore, the selection of mold steel must also use corrosion-resistant steel Species.

Plastic products generally have a relatively high degree of gloss on the surface, so the injection molding process requires the corresponding injection mold cavity surface roughness is relatively small, so as to be able to injection-molded plastic products that meet the standards, it must be selected Mold steel without impurities and pores, after the completion of the injection mold manufacturing mold surface must be polished, grinding and other processing.

Finally, the use of injection molds in the production of plastic products, plastic materials in the mold cavity due to high-speed flow of plastic mold, the mold surface will form a lot of friction, and therefore need to use wear-resistant mold steel to ensure that in large quantities The quality of products in the injection molding process has always been stable.

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