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TPU material phone shell phone case
Apr 13, 2018

Clear water jacket, that is TPUphone shell phone case. It is a combination of crystal shell and silicone sleeve, it is a kind of soft and hard moderate mobile phone protection sleeve made of transparent silicone, and because it is as transparent as the crystal shell, it is named the water sleeve.

The disadvantage of the silicone sleeve is that it is used for a long time, and the body and the body are inevitably stick together, and sometimes the user has to let the mobile phone breathe. The crystal shell is brittle due to its texture, and it easily collapses, which may cause frequent replacement. Clear water jacket is not easy to loose, and the size is appropriate, it can be said that both the advantages of silicone sleeve and crystal shell, at the same time, in order to look beautiful, the back of the water jacket is usually printed with a delicate pattern, no longer like silicone sleeve and crystal The shell is so dull. It is considered a perfect protection product.

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phone shell phone case

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