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What are the materials of the phone case now
Jan 16, 2018

What are the materials of the phone case now? 

Five common materials for phone case: metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, leather


Like PC, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, PS are collectively referred to as plastic, the metal used in mobile phones actually have different categories, but the phone is mainly made of aluminum metal, aluminum and then with a small amount of magnesium or Other metal materials to enhance its strength, according to the different added metal, there are magnesium alloy, titanium alloy. Some high-end phones may also be used on the gold plating.


In addition to metal, glass material in the use of mobile phones are also commom. eg: current many phone case using glass material for new iphone X.


The phone appears special ceramic material, both the luster of the metal, ductility and good, which allows the material in the late finishing, the glass body is not easy to burst and other issues; have the advantages of glass, carved, high hardness, so If you do not have to worry too much about scratches in your daily use,

Overall, the ceramic material on the phone, a collection of metal and glass features, is a more ideal high-end phone selection. However, there is no perfect material, ceramic is the same


Plastic phone really can only curl up in the low-end machine on it? No, but you want high-end, get a little thought. After all, high-end products in addition to strong performance, more importantly, the "texture" of this indescribable factor.
If you want to do high-end plastic machine, the material selection must be careful, this is the product design must be considered at the beginning of something.

Collectively referred to as a lot of plastic, PC, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, PS are plastic. But their characteristics are many different, how to choose? According to previous attempts, this choice is not difficult to make.


High-end leather texture, the favorite of business people

In addition to the above four materials, the mobile phone industry, there have been many materials. Bamboo, black apricot wood, rosewood, cloth head, and even denim, these materials have appeared on the phone case.


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