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What do you need to notice about plastic injection processing parts?
Sep 26, 2017

As a kind of injection molding processing plastic products need to pay attention to what the injection? Wuhan Kaidi plastic expert gives a description: an enterprise's healthy development can not just stare at the eyes of the industry, but also to see how to carry out the supporting industry, injection molding processing industry to carry out what factors? The most important is the injection molding processing injection molding mold, injection molding machine, plastic raw materials, technical personnel! Influence injection parts of injection production quality of the product defects formation, formation of the shortcomings of the approach are: determine the reason and influence of faults and eliminate; concluded that duty is present in plastic, or for other reasons the injection molding machine, mold, processing process, take reasonable measures to avoid the occurrence of substandard goods, the formation of unnecessary economic losses, affecting the company's promise.

Although China's die making industry started relatively late, the foundation is relatively thin, but the pace of development is relatively fast. Especially in recent years, both in quantity and quality have made great progress, and in some areas the production of mold is no worse than that of foreign companies. The most important part of the injection molding machine is the injection molding machine. Although China is still restricted by the ultra fine injection molding machine, the distance is gradually decreasing. The reasons for the formation of defects in the process of injection molding are:

1 、 injection material. Materials have impurities or different supplier supply, the same manufacturer is not the same batch of goods, etc., not the same batch of material processing technology is different.

2 、 injection molding machine. Check whether the function of injection molding machine is normal, and consider the influence of temperature, pressure, time and so on, control and adjust injection molding machine.

3, mold. The mold should be properly, the temperature should be correct, and the injection molded parts should be operated smoothly in the mold.

4, the production process. To ensure that the pressure, temperature and time consistent with the material suppliers to provide processing conditions, and constantly check the injection speed and technical accuracy.

5, injection time, temperature, pressure, back force, can affect the quality of injection molding parts.

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