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What is the production process of plastic mould?
Sep 26, 2017

Plastic mold refers to the production process: raw materials by casting, machining and special processing, to make it into a plastic mold parts, and according to the requirements of the technology, these parts are matched and connected, and eventually become the whole process of plastic mold.

The production process of plastic mould mainly includes the transportation and preservation of raw materials, the preparation of production, the manufacture of rough parts, the processing and heat treatment of parts, the assembly of dies, testing and correcting, and so on.

Generally speaking, in order to facilitate the organization of production and improve labor productivity, the production process is sometimes not all in a single plant, often scattered in many professional chemical plants, such as mold, fastening screws, springs and other many parts are produced in other professional factory. And plastic mold production, often in accordance with certain order of raw materials or semi-finished products, through processing and assembly to manufacture the cost of plastic mold products factory. Therefore, the plastic mold production process is mainly used for mechanical processing and special processing methods, directly change the production object shape, size, relative location and nature, make it become the finished or semi-finished products, and according to the requirements of the technology, the parts and outsourcing and purchase of standard parts, according to a certain order and coordination connect, make plastic mould process complete.

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