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Classification Of Mobile Phone Case
Sep 26, 2017

There are many types of mobile phone protective sleeve material, according to a silica gel, leather, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic, velvet and silk etc..

Metal shell protective sleeve refers to the protective shell of metal material. It has the characteristics of hardness and wear resistance. It is usually made of aluminum alloy, and the surface color is made by cathode oxidation process. Or the drawing process, with a very delicate appearance. But the relative cost is higher.

With metal case, it is durable and gives full protection to mobile phone.

Features: the protective cover can be adsorbed on the surface of the iron metal, and the multifunctional panel can be folded into a bracket to appreciate the video. In addition, the multifunctional panel can be deformed into earphone receiving mode, and the trouble of earphone wire winding can be avoided.

Two, pure aluminum alloy production of metal mobile phone shell (popular also called metal mobile phone frame is also the same meaning)

Three, metal pieces of aluminum with other materials made of metal, plastic mobile phone shell.

Leather sheath in all kinds of mobile phone protective cover, leather case is also very popular. Compared with the single style silicone sleeve, the career of business people more love to use generous decent leather, and advocating leisure for young people, with a single color appearance, mobile phone is a loss for them.

And silicone sets of the same, the mobile phone holster is divided into two kinds, one is popular for many years, waist hanging holster, applicable type is more common; and the other is the portable leather bag can be put into the pocket, mostly used for high-end intelligent models. Although the appearance of the two looks different, but the manufacturing process is still very similar.  The advantages of portable leather is chic, elegant, not to wear a mobile phone, good heat dissipation, but unlike silica gel that can play a waterproof function, and leather if too much is difficult to put into the pocket, it is somewhat inconvenient to carry.

The quality of the leather sheath is uneven. Although the leather on the stall is everywhere, but a penny goods, ten yuan goods not made of leather material, mostly artificial leather or leatheroid, use will appear the phenomenon of cracking open soon. And leather durable, longer service life, of course, the price is not expensive, the price is generally ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars.

Silicone Case

Silica gel sleeve, material is silica gel, namely silicon rubber. Silicone sleeve is the most well-known type of mobile phone protective cover. It is soft and smooth, and has been in the market for many years. From shoddy vendors to sophisticated individual brands, market share has remained ahead.

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