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Common Fault Analysis And Solution Of Injection Plastic Mold(三)
May 02, 2018

When plastic mold production and injection molding products, there will be various problems.

 Common fault analysis and solution of plastic mould(三):

  The template is bent under injection.

 When the mold is injected, the molten plastic in the mold cavity generates a great counterpressure, usually between 600 and 1000 kg/cm.Mold makers sometimes don't attach importance to this problem, often change the original design size, or replace with low strength steel plate, the dynamic template in the mould of material with a plunger, because on both sides of the large span, cause the injection template under bending.

So the dynamic template must choose high quality steel, must have the enough thickness, must not with A3 steel such as low intensity, when necessary, or support block should be set at the bottom of the dynamic template shores, to reduce the thickness of the template, improve the bearing capacity.

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