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Common Fault Analysis And Solution Of Plastic Mould(一)
Apr 27, 2018

When plastic mold production and injection molding products, there will be various problems.

Common fault analysis and solution of plastic mould(一)Fixed distance tension mechanism failure:

Hook, fastener spacing taut institutions is generally used in die core-pulling or some secondary ejection mould, because such institutions in the mold of the two sides set in pairs, its movement request must be synchronous, namely the clamping buckle at the same time, mould to a certain position at the same time.Without synchronization, it is bound to cause pulled mold template skewed and damage, the institutions of the parts to have higher rigidity and wear resistance, adjustment is hard, short life institutions, to avoid as far as possible, you can switch to other institutions.

Can be used in the case of relatively small pumping heart spring launch mode method, the core pulling force is larger when the dynamic model can be used under the condition of backward sliding core, finish core-pulling action again after the structure of the die, in the large mold can be used on hydraulic oil cylinder core-pulling, slider type pin core-pulling mechanism damage plastic moulds.

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