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Common Fault Analysis And Solution Of Plastic Mould(二)
Apr 30, 2018

When plastic mold production and injection molding products, there will be various problems.


Common fault analysis and solution of plastic mould(二):Poor cooling or water leakage in the channel.

The cooling effect of the mould directly affects the quality and production efficiency of the products, such as poor cooling, large shrinkage of the products, or uneven shrinkage of the products, etc.On the other hand, the mold whole or local overheat, make the mold can not be formed normally and stop production, the serious person makes the top bar and other activities such as the thermal expansion card die and damage.

The design of the cooling system, processing to the product shape, don't cry because it is complicated or difficult to machining mould structure and eliminate the system, especially in large and medium-sized mold must give full consideration to the cooling problem.

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