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Common Fault Analysis And Solution Of Plastic Injection Mould(五)
May 08, 2018

When plastic mold production and injection molding products, there will be various problems.

 Common fault analysis and solution of plastic mould(五):The gate is difficult to remove.

In the process of injection molding, the gate is stuck to the sprue.When the mold is opened, the product cracks.In addition, the operator must use the tip of the copper rod to knock out from the nozzle, so that it can be removed after loosening, which seriously affects the production efficiency.

The main reason of this fault is the poor finish of the gate taper hole, and there is a knife mark in the inner hole circumference.The second is that the material is too soft. After a period of time, the taper hole is deformed or damaged, and the surface of the nozzle is too small, which causes the gate to be riveted here.The taper hole of gate sleeve is more difficult to process, should adopt standard parts as far as possible, if need to be processed by oneself, also should be self-made or buy special reamer.The taper hole should be ground to Ra0.4.In addition, it is necessary to set the gate pull rod or gate top out of the mechanism.

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