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Common Fault Analysis And Solution Of Plastic Injection Mould(四).
May 03, 2018

When plastic mold production and injection molding products, there will be various problems.


Common fault analysis and solution of plastic mould(四):The top of the mould is bent, broken or leaking.

The top quality of self-made is good, it is the processing cost is too high, now commonly use standard parts, poor quality.If the gap between the top rod and the hole is too large, there will be leakage, but if the clearance is too small, due to the high mold temperature rise during injection, the ejector pin will expand and die.What is more dangerous is that sometimes the top of the rod is broken by a normal distance, and the result is that the exposed top rod cannot be reset and the die is broken in the next closing time.

In order to solve this problem, the top bar is reworked, and the mating segment with 10~ 15mm is retained at the front end of the top rod, and the middle part is small 0.2mm.After assembly, all the top rods must be strictly checked for clearance, generally within 0.05~0.08 mm, to ensure that the entire ejection mechanism can move forward and backward.

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