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Customize The Phone Case And Tablet Covers
May 28, 2018

Customize the phone case and tablet covers--JiaoJin

JiaoJin's tablet covers are what made us popular, and for good reaso We start with the highest quality  which we use as a base for the covern.Lightweight and protective. Built with stylish and durable PU leather with soft microfiber interior to protect your screen and keep it clean. Textured side grips provide comfortable support.Adjustable stand helps you enjoy our tablet without holding it. We finish the surface of the cover with a proprietary polycarbonate laminate. This unique material is scratch-resistant and slightly textured, yielding both a premium feeling surface as well as a noticeable improvement in the interaction between pen and tablet .JiaoJin has the latest in tablet protection technology ,you can find the right tablet case for your Ipad devices .

Customize tablet covers

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