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Determine The Quality Of A Silicone Parts Smart Watch Wristband
May 15, 2018

Determine the quality of a silicone parts Smart watch Wristband:

1. Whether the product's self-stripping line is rough or not, the size of the mold line determines the mold work of the product. The mold work determines the overall effect of the product, and the self-stripping is very important!

2. The vulcanization effect of the product, feel the hardness of the product is uneven, the strength difference of stretch rebound and the rebound effect are poor, which is related to the manufacturer's vulcanization time and raw materials.

3. Color and smell, whether the color mixing of silicone parts is uniform depends on the uniformity of the mixing process of the manufacturer, the longer the color saturation is, the better.

4, silicone raw materials are non-toxic tasteless, but raw materials adding curing agent after high temperature silicone manufacturer hydraulic molding process there will be a little bit of glue smell but after secondary curing temperature and long time placement will gradually disappear!So no smell is normal!

For the silicone material to judge whether a supplier can get the basic requirements, basically can be judge from the above points, of course, want to choose a high quality supplier or need to know from many aspects, processing products, manufacturers strength and the qualification of nature is important!

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