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Does Silicone Sleeve Affect Cell Phone?
Sep 26, 2017

Now more and more mobile phone users, mobile phone accessories market is growing, mobile phone set is more and more popular. With the increase of mobile phone sets of types of materials, people begin to doubt his impact on the mobile phone

A lot of friends just to buy a new mobile phone for the protection of the mobile phone will give mobile phone a mobile phone protective sleeve, but with the passage of time will eventually be the set of mobile phone, mobile phone cover material personal feeling is silica gel or PC package silicone, silicone mobile phone sets because of falling prevention effect of leverage (buy a friend is the most mobile phone to drop mobile phone), followed by silica feel surprisingly good, silica gel can be made into any shape, filled with any desired color and other materials will be constrained by the!

Some people think that mysterious silicone mobile phone sets can increase the "high imitation mobile phone" and "black mobile phone", but also can prevent scratches with mobile phone paint production, part of the mobile phone can also increase the feeling of mobile phone keys and message writing speed, at the same time, put on clothes or pants pocket can also increase the friction of mobile phone the mobile phone anti-theft function!

But some people think that mobile phone use after the silica gel is not good-looking, and that the effect of mobile phone mobile phone sets of heat, we have professional designers to design a set of mobile phone fan heat type, although the fan heat is not comprehensive, but compared with the traditional mobile phone set of fan heat much better, or try our new factory PC package silicone mobile phone shell, fan thermal performance is also quite good!

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