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How Often Is The Cell Phone Casing Changed?
Sep 26, 2017

Time to change the mobile phone protection shell and not a rigid standard, according to the needs of mobile phone shell of our own quality and maintenance time to decide whether to replace the general mobile phone shell, if poor, there will be a relatively bad chemical taste, this is because the mobile phone shell is made of plastic, inside the pigment is relatively heavy, long time use may cause physical harm of chemical substances, more serious may cause infertility, female students must pay attention to.

Buy mobile phone sets, ignore the material only pay attention to the style, but in fact, some of the non formal manufacturers in order to save costs, it is to cut corners in the material, add some medium temperature rises to a certain temperature in the mobile phone, may release harmful substances. Although the mobile phone sets in use process will produce formaldehyde, but if the space environment is relatively large, generally will not enter the human body, but don't hide in the quilt with a mobile phone to play mobile phone, the quilt space is relatively small, the gas should not be volatile, it is easy to affect the body.

So we need to pay special attention to when we started to buy mobile phone protection shell, to choose their own love style, at the same time in the mobile phone shell materials must also work hard, it is best to choose the mobile phone shell cortex, cloth or metal material, so that the use of properly under the condition of a mobile phone shell is not for a long time need to be replaced, if you now use mobile phone shell material is poor, easy to distribute a pungent odor, mobile phone shell manufacturers recommend the best choice is to change, to avoid the impact of health.

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