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How To Choose Plastic Toys?
Sep 26, 2017

The toy is a necessary choice now, many children, especially in less friends, life single of modern society, it is the children's heart ". They are divided into a variety of materials, including plastic toys, with bright color, high resistance characteristics, has won the vast majority of children and parents of all ages, it can be said that almost every child have a live several plastic toys. And how to choose safe plastic toys, has become a necessary skill for mom and dad. Here, plastic toys processing factory hand to tip it on several aspects of the choice of you. 1, depending on the brightness and brightness of toys, in general, high-quality toys in this respect than inferior toys are much better. 2, smell the smell of toys. If some children's toys have a pungent smell, it should contain harmful substances, such as phthalic acid ester plasticizer two kinds of harmful substances, and we also want to buy a home, toys will wash, airing, as plastic taste evaporate, reduce the peeling of the pigment and the content of heavy metals. 3, look at the thickness of the toy products. Plastic toys processing professional manufacturers of plastic toys to remind you, is the biggest characteristic of the products or parts are one-time injection molding, if the wall is too thin, it is easy to break and drop in children's play, the plastic brittle small pieces, sharp edges and corners, pose a danger to the baby, so the edge angle and radian the local plastic. Be relatively thick. Do these points, almost the same.

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