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How To Control The TPU Phone Case Embossing
Sep 26, 2017

IMD/IML process in the TPU mobile phone shell molding injection molding process, it will produce imprinting, and how to control the imprint of the good? Here's an analysis

TPU mobile phone shell imprinting factors: 1. environmental problems; 2., the operation of a foreign body.

TPU mobile phone shell stamping solution 1., keep the machine clean and tidy during production;

2. when the sheet is torn off the protective film, check if there is any foreign material on the sheet;

The 3. sheet material, first check whether there is a foreign body in the mold;

4., often wipe the mold, to prevent the mold inside the foreign body and produce impression;

5., do a good job of self inspection, to prevent continuous imprinting.

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