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Inkjet And Silk Printing Differences
Jan 25, 2018


                        Inkjet and silk printing differences

When manufacture plastic products, the surface treatment is required in general. silk printing and inkjet paiting are also the common choices. let's take a look at their differences:

1, the printed matter is different. Printing materials are generally acceptable package, soft, white after medium surface layer processing, printing can not be directly sprayed white, if a material itself is black, but the pattern is white, this painting can do, but there are more than 99% white material. Silk screen can be widely accepted. It is commonly known as universal printing. It is not exaggerated except that water and air can not be printed.           

2, the printing method is different. The spray painting belongs to the direct print out. Screen printing to make plate, single color machine or manual printing can only print one color at one time, multicolor or dot pattern need to be set many times. If a four color screen printing machine is used, it can be printed in four colors at a time and can also be printed and loaded.           

3, the thickness of the ink layer is different. The thickness of the painted ink layer is relatively uniform, but the screen printing can be small and can also make a lot of stereoscopic effects.           

4, the printing effect is different. There is no special effect on the painting. The best effect is clear and realistic. Screen printing can make many amazing effects, such as noctilucent, fragrance, anti-counterfeiting, changing color, convex, foaming, flocking, conductive (such as screen printed circuit board) and so on.           

5. The cost is different. Due to the limitation of the materials used, the spray painting can not be used too much, and sometimes the cost may be much higher than that of the silk screen.           

6. The definition is different. The good spray painting can not compare with the effect of silk screen. Not at one level.           

7. The printing size is different. The size of the painting is limited, usually within 3.2 meters. Silk screen is very flexible, from a few mm to dozens of meters, and it's not a big problem.

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