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Plastic Phone Cases DongGuan China Factory
Apr 16, 2018

The Plastic Phone Cases (PC/ABS), that is the protective case of a mobile phone manufactured by using a plastic injection molding process, the main materials are: PC ABS main features are:

Plastic Phone Cases,Products can be made very thin, appearance is very hard, and the product surface can also print a variety of patterns, such as cartoons, landscapes, characters. Printing technology from the earliest silk screen, and later have the transfer. The biggest drawback of this type of printing technology is the appearance of easy wear. The most popular method at present is the IMD/IML (in-mold transfer) technology, in which the pattern is printed on the film and then molded with the product housing. The product pattern thus created is inside the film and it is not easy to grind the pattern. And production is more convenient. Patterns include not only traditional cartoons, characters, and scenery, but also imitation metal effects.

There is no pattern of products, generally make a variety of colors, there are generally two ways to do color: 1, the color can be adjusted at the time of production of the corresponding plastic materials, so that when you do not have to spray color oil; 2, After molding with ordinary plastic, spray oil on the surface of the product.

In order to increase the feel, some products will also be painted on the surface with a layer of hand paint, that is, traditionally called rubber oil, feel will become fine, with a little flexibility.

We are a Dongguan factory in China that specializes in designing and manufacturing plastic mobile phone cases. We welcome you to order.

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