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Precision EDM For Mould Manufacture
Jan 31, 2018

Precision EDM core is mainly reflected in the dimensional accuracy, precision profiling, surface quality requirements.

    Processing with the size should be strictly combined, the requirements of up to ± 2-3μm;

    Profiling precision requires a clear edge, bottom corner R value should be as small as possible (generally require R value is less than 0.02mm);
    The depth error of the flatness from the edge part to the central part is within 2μm;
    Surface quality requirements Rough surface roughness Ra should be less than 0.4μm (VDI12), or require mirror processing, the surface of the microscopic examination without exception;
    The edges of the discharge entrance and the opening corner are intact. Under the microscopic examination, the burst boundary value can not be greater than 0.015mm.


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