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Properties And Characteristics Of Silica Gel Mobile Phone Cover
Sep 26, 2017

Because of its excellent cost performance, the current silicone sleeve iPad, apple mobile phone protection cover of the fiery degree, by a lot

Human favor. Silicone sleeve can be divided into two kinds, one is organic silica gel, and the other is non-polar silica gel. Get started in the market

As one of the most popular machine of silicone rubber products, silicone products advantages, high temperature resistance, good insulation, weather resistance

Good material stability.

In this performance better product, people will choose silica gel sleeve, because the silicone sleeve is soft, mobile phone itself

The keys are more rigid, but they can be improved by putting on the silicone sleeve. Can also protect the outer impact of mobile phone sets

Less cell phone damage. Silicone sleeve waterproof performance is better, this has become its biggest selling point.

In addition, people choose silicone sleeve, but also because of its good feel: some keyboard, rigid cell phone, put on

Silicone sleeve will be improved. But also can absorb some of the impact of collisions on mobile phone on the mobile phone, thereby reducing the

Harm. In addition, the waterproof performance of silicone sleeve is better, and this has become its biggest selling point.

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