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Selection Of Plastic Mold Should Pay Attention To Major Issues
Sep 26, 2017

Plastic mold is a kind of plastic mould used for pressing, extrusion, injection, blow molding and low foaming molding. The utility model relates to a plastic mould, which comprises a concave die, a composite base plate, a die assembly and a concave die assembly card board. We also need to pay attention to some matters when choosing plastic mould. Here, what matters need to pay attention to?. First, not only heavy product design, ignoring plastic mold manufacturing. Some users in the development of products or new products trial production, often in the early stage only focus on product development and development, and ignore the plastic mold production unit communication. After the initial determination of the product design plan, the contact with the mold manufacturer in advance has two advantages: 

1, it can guarantee the design of the product has a good forming process, and will not change the shape design because of the difficult processing of parts. 

2, mold production can be done in advance to prepare for the design, to prevent the delay in consideration, affecting the duration of the project. 3, the production of high-quality plastic mold, only the supply and demand sides closely cooperate, in order to ultimately reduce costs and shorten the cycle. 

Two, do not just look at the price, from the quality, cycle, service, comprehensive consideration. 

1, a variety of mold, can be broadly divided into ten categories. According to the material, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, service life, economic and other requirements, choose different types of mold forming. 

2, the high-precision requirements of the mold need to use high-precision CNC machine tool processing, and mold material and forming process have strict requirements, but also need to use CAD / CAE / CAM mold technology to design and analysis. 

3, some parts due to the special requirements of molding, mold also need to use hot runner, gas assisted molding, nitrogen cylinder and other advanced processes. 

4, the manufacturer should have CNC, EDM, wire cutting machine and CNC profiling milling equipment, high precision grinding machine, high precision coordinate measuring instrument, computer and related software design etc.. 

5, the general large-scale stamping die (such as auto cover parts mold) should consider whether the machine tool edge pressing mechanism, and even side lubricant, multi station level into. In addition to stamping tonnage, we must consider stamping, feeding device, machine tool and die protection device. 

6, the above mold manufacturing methods and processes are not owned and mastered by every enterprise. In choosing a cooperative manufacturer, be sure to understand its processing capacity, not only to see the hardware equipment, but also with the management level, processing experience and technical force.

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