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The Cat USES VR Glasses To Be Unveiled
Apr 25, 2018

In Australia, stray cats kill 377 million birds a year.One in five cats lost their way and could not return home.

In order to reduce the risk of cat for the environment and their cause, cooperation development of several animal tissues and launched the "cat with VR" this glasses, they think let darling to stay at home, my pet cat is the safest option.

The team says the cat sees the world differently from humans.Cats, for example, have less color in the world and have a strong night vision.Therefore, the VR headset will be designed to suit the vision of the cat.

The cat can experience the swim of a fish pond full of fat fish, as well as a giant ball of wool or a world full of cardboard boxes and cat bats.The device can even tell if it's having a good time by sensing the change in the cat's whiskers.

However, "cat VR glasses" are currently not available for sale, only for domestic cats in Australia.

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