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The Function And Principle Of Silicone Sweat Headband
May 22, 2018

Running sweat is a normal thing, but it can be a burden, especially for wearing glasses, which can be very annoying and even annoying.

As everybody knows, when running forehead sweat, sweat not to wear problems in other parts of the world is not big, but his forehead sweat not to wear not, it will splash on your glasses, affect your line of sight, if not timely cleaning will flow into the eyes, the taste is bad, it will allow you to make a series of actions, such as glasses, picked out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat eyes also hit it a few times, you said boring not boring, if the night run there are security issues, therefore, running on the way to wipe the forehead sweat for a pair of glasses is a hassle, it distract your attention, constantly repeat your physical energy consumption,It can even affect your running mood.

Silicone Sweat Headband is a kind of sports equipment, material can be silicone or PVC, due to the special groove structure, the forehead sweat by the special structure of the row, make sweat to minimize the impact on eyes, greatly reduces the frequency to wipe the sweat, sweat running basic won't have to worry about splash on glasses, into his eyes, this equipment are small, but it is significant role.


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