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What Is The Consequence Of Improper Heat Treatment Of Plastic Mould?
Sep 26, 2017

The main reason for the failure of plastic mold is the improper heat treatment process, such as the temperature of heating, the length of holding time, the speed of cooling and other improper selection of heat treatment process parameters. Plastic mold in the process of processing, cracks or deformation, surface oxidation and decarburization and other phenomena, the main reason is because the mold failure. First of all, the effect of oxidation and decarburization is mainly due to the fact that die quenching is stopped at high temperature, but can not be strictly controlled. 

In addition, after the decarburization of the mold surface, due to the difference between the internal and external layer structure, cooling in a larger organizational stress, resulting in hardening cracks. Next is the speed of heating. As the die steel contains more carbon and alloy elements, the heat conductivity is poor, so the heating speed can not be too fast, should be slow to stop, to avoid deformation and cracking of the mold. Adding the above in the air furnace does not produce great thermal stress and is relatively safe. If the mold heating speed, heating fast, die inside and outside by thermal stress. If the control is not good, such as deformation or cracks, this situation is very easy to happen, and in prevention, you must use preheating or slow down the heating rate.

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