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What Is The Role Of Phone Case?
Sep 26, 2017

The usual functions include:

1, protect the phone, in case the hard object scratches on the phone screen or on the fuselage.

2, mobile phone shells can be printed on a variety of colors, beauty role!

3, silicone shell can prevent nails from touching the button for a long time, scraping and grinding, and protecting the screen and button;

4, silicone shell has anti-skid effect;

5, apple mobile phone sets, but also to enhance the role of the signal, because some mobile phone shell and metal contact after the formation of a magnetic field, interference with the mobile phone signal, the cell phone to wear an insulating mobile phone shell, you can enhance the signal.

According to personal experience, mobile phone shell has at least three advantages:

1, in order to fashion and beauty, and now on the market all kinds of mobile phone shell is really attractive, very good oh.

2, mobile phone shell was originally made, probably in order to protect your mobile phone will not be worn badly, and some mobile phone shell or can prevent fall.

3, the emergence of functional mobile phone shell, so that special features for users to meet the requirements, for example, to increase the speaker mobile phone shell, waterproof mobile phone shell, mobile phone sets, etc..

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