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IPhone Shell Cover Production With Mould Design

IPhone Shell Cover Production With Mould Design

Phone Covers Custom Samsung Cell Phone High quality best folio phone case flip iphone covers custom samsung cell phone and other kinds of mobile phone cases Noble PU series, the use of high-quality imported PU, with TPU or PC inner shell carefully made, anti-shock performance, fashion appearance , convenient stand free your hands,...


IPhone Shell Cover production with mould design 

Professional VR samples and bulk production, we have mold making equipment, injection molding machines, dust-free workshop, packaging workshop, quality inspection system and other related equipment needed for the production, welcome to visit our factory!

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Factory Show:




Order Procedure:




Q: Do your guys have experience in game project such as housing or train?
A: Yes, we do. You may send request details to us such as (cavity ,parts material ,rapid tool or mass production tool ,HASCO STANDARD or LKM or Chinese mould base, quantity ,mould life) etc…!


Q: Do your company can support moldflow ?
A: Yes, we do. There separate it in two conditions, one is do normal moldflow analysis in house, its cheap; the other one is do it through our sub-contractor, this is expensive but very details, can involve shrinkage , deformation, etc.. details, and will also can submit MFR format.

Custom Spare Parts Mould


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