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Custom Phone Cover PC With TPU

Custom Mobile Phone Accessories with package The advantages of this section is that you can customize the mold according to the style you need, the proofing can be done in the early stage, the thickness can be designed according to your design, guarantee the installation and tailor-made packaging box, can be designed according to your expectations.


Custom  Phone cover  PC with TPU

Our original custom all kinds of mobile phone protective cover, including PC, TPU protective cover, PC + TPU, PC + silicone, Epoxy, leather case and other smart phone protective cover, we are 100% guaranteed original factory to create one-stop sales service , Our company has a perfect system, so choose our customers are usually changed after a single friend forever, because we design, sample preparation, packaging, quality inspection, warehousing, after-sales service, complete package of facilities is complete.

10 years or above of our design experience

Our sample preparation staff is more than 5 years of experience;

Our production management, citing the well-known Japanese enterprises management model;

Our machines and equipment are all imported brands;

Our boss additionally invests in his injection molding machine parts plant;

Sample Show



Workshop - High Precision Equipments







Factory corners



Domestic market rate: 30%~50%

Foreign trade rate: 50%~70%




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