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Custom Smart Phone Case With Clear PET Package

Custom Smart Phone case With clear PET Package The advantage of this section is that we can customize the mold according to the style you need. To save your cost, we can open a simple mold to evaluate the product. If your order can reach 10K per month, then we can refund the cost of the simple mold. Can be designed to match your expectations of packaging content, so that its products reach 360 degrees without dead ends


Custom Smart Phone case With  clear PET Package

Welcome to find our original custom phone protective cover, our company is from mold to injection molding, packaging one-stop service. This section is TPU injection material, this product has good impact resistance, scratch resistance, drop resistance, shockproof, ideal for families with children's parents, and then with our brother plant steel film, is a perfect match , The color can be based on the needs of customers, the more commonly used is the transparent TPU or black, blue, give full play to the protective cover's usefulness, that is, high-grade and have a sense of security.

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Domestic market rate: 30%~50%

Foreign trade rate: 50%~70%




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