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High Transparent Mobile Glue Cover

Cheap clear PC cell phone cases transparent TPU soft custom cases for iphone Tpu soft case cover with various custom design, suitable for your requirement,it is very flexible and popular for smartphone cases like galaxy s8 / s7 or iphone 8 / 7 / 7 plus / 6 plus etc. TPU is soft and flexible and...


Now the mobile phone covers all over the street, can be seen everywhere, what material is good for the mobile phone covers?Many consumers will search through the search engine to find out what kind of material the case is made of, which kind of material is better?As a matter of fact, the common materials of cellphone cases in the market at present include silica gel, leather, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic and other materials, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.What material is good for a cellphone case?Is recommended to use mobile phone sets of silicone material, TPU silicone mobile phone sets is a kind of mobile phone cases, people are most familiar with is popular with many people, since listing in terms of practical set of TPU high transparent mobile glue cover

 should be the most practical, soft hard moderate, feel comfortable, phone off the ground of buffer shock absorption effect is best, is also the most affordable price.

Leather cellphone cases are more suitable for business people who are struggling in the workplace. Unlike young people who are fond of leisure, it is not acceptable for them to hold a single color phone.

The crystal case is a popular phone case for women.It is made of organic glass, with a thick, solid appearance and transparent shell body.Not only does it effectively protect the phone, but it doesn't affect the appearance of the phone.


Sample show:

high transparent mobile glue cover

Factory Features:

● High transparency, material soft and flexible.

● ROHS certificated material.

● Electroplating process is optional.

● TPU hardness, softness are customized.

● Mold can be designed as excellent appearance texture or lines by precision laser.

● NDA signed for customer’s design protection.


PC phone case factory



1. How can I trust you for our first cooperation?

Understand your concerns. First we can send samples to you so that you will have confidence of our quality. Second sincerely welcome your visit to our company for discussion.Third and most important is that we are seeking for long term business cooperation with customers, credibility and reputation is the most important.

2. When we receive the box, find any items missing or defective, how should we do?

Be calm down, please contact us as soon as possible, we will check and give you best solution soon.

When you have any requirements or questions, please contact with us. We will response as soon as possible. Thank you.


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