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Smart Phone Leather Case Custom And Production

Welcome to customize a variety of holsters, traditional sewing, fashion hot pressing, a variety of materials, patterns, technology, suitable for a variety of models, welcome to sending RFQ to us!


Smart Phone leather case Custom and Production

Jiaojin is focused on a variety of smart phone protective cover and peripheral facilities as one of the professional factory, here we specifically for everyone to introduce a card-type PU leather case, the design is the PC material injection molding chassis and toothpick with the hot Melting process to make. This section of the design that retains the traditional way of sewing, but also extended the fashion of hot-melt process, the coexistence of tradition and fashion, holster and then printed on a unique code of words, holster affixed to the true super, and gilded guests LOGO Microfiber, whether it is work or home are a good choice, that is elegant and applicable, welcome to customize this section to experience the charm of it! Suitable for all kinds of models!

Sample Show



Workshop - High Precision Equipments







Factory corners



Domestic market rate: 30%~50%

Foreign trade rate: 50%~70%




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