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TPU Phone Case

TPU Bubble Shockproof CASE The new bubble design phone case use high-quality imported TPU material and environmental-friendly, safety, non-toxic , odorless, dirt-resistant, super shockproof. the slim design 100% fitting to your mobile phone, high precision CNC mold making the exact accurate buttons, charge holes and other interfaces. The bumper case that helps to protect your Phone.


TPU Phone Case ;soft case, PC shell cover, 

Benefits of Using TPU Mobile Phone Cases

Advantages: feel good, moderate hardness, protection is more comprehensive, buffering performance, smooth texture, looks almost the same as the appearance of hard shell, not hard not just soft, colorful, rich patterns, choose more.

Safety: TPU has excellent biocompatibility, non-toxicity, no allergic reaction, no local irritation, no pyrogenous, so it is widely used in medical, health and other related products as well as sports and protection equipment.

Sample Show

TPU Mobile Phone Cases

TPU  Phone Cases

Workshop - High Precision Equipments







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Q: Will my drawing be safe after you get it? 
A: yes, we will not release your design to third party unless with your permission.

Q:If not satisfied with finished prototype,what can we do? 
A: If it is our responsibility,we will make another one for you for free till you are satisfied.Thank you!

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