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European And American Plastic Mold Making

Our factory makes all kinds of plastic injection moulds and plastic products for you, plastic daily necessities, plastic toys, plastic phone case, computer plastic case, plastic electronic product case and so on.


Export Europe and American plastic mold making and plastic product production.

European and American mold export standards:

1. Mold base : adopt the "LKM" mould frame.

2. Guide column inversion (front die guide post, rear die guide sleeve).

3. Two tubes must be placed between the panel and the A board.

4. The thimble board must have a guide post (ejector guide bush  ).

5. Steel: commonly used with hard materials :LKM2083, LKM2344, LKM2767. Generally hard to 52-54hrc.

6. locating ring: the locating ring should be 4mm higher than the panel, and the locating ring should be 4mm higher than the insulation board if there is a heat shield.Commonly used locating ring diameter: Ø90、Ø100、Ø110、Ø120、Ø125、Ø150、Ø160

7. The two types of FLAT(FLAT) and R15.5.Arc of pumping mouth opening minimum guarantee: Ø 3.5 mm.

8. The "DME" "HASCO" standard is adopted for the ejector pin and ejector sleeve .

9. Gate: commonly used diving and heat flow path (commonly used DME, MasterFlow)

10. Slide : the slider should be positioned and limited.(common wave bead screw, spring positioning, cup head screw limit).

European and American mold export standards:

11.plate    : Plate screw commonly used cup head screw and head screw.

12.lifter : Lifter is made of slide block and wear block, and the material is bronze.

13.water line plug: “HASCO”1/4”BRS or 1/8”BRS。

14.Water line inside the holes: mold to processing, mold or so don't processing. Commonly used specifications: 20 x20 Ø, Ø x20. 25.

15.Identification: often parts name, part number, company name, cavity identification, material identification, recyclable logo, date stamp.

16.Mould surface requirements :Sparkerusion, Polished , Photo etched.

17.Mold base A and B should have lock plate  (2PCS).

18.The mold is packed in butter, transparent plastic bag and sterilized wooden case.

19.Mould label: mold number, part number, product name, manufacturing date, mold weight.

Plastic mold for electronic products

plastic phone cases

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Q: Could you introuduction your engineering team?

A:We have our own R & D team, product design team, mold design and production team, quality control team.


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