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HASCO Standard Export Mold

Injection molding parts of phone case mold design and plastic mold making We have many years of experience in injection mold design and production, mobile phones on the market, such as: Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, mi, we have a full range of products and protective shell mold


HASCO standard is one of the three big mold fittings production standards in the world, with its strong sex, each design is concise, easy to install, can be in good, operation is reliable, stable performance and compatibility with various national standards of the industry advantage such as tall in the mould.

Mould date stamp, thimble, hot runner system, positioning parts, injection molding machine parts, multi-nozzle system, etc.HASCO standard hot runner system accessories

HASCO standard products cover all the mould parts on the market, stamping mould parts, plastic mould parts, etc. HASCO has developed a set of very detailed standard schemes.

With the continuous progress of China's industrialization, HASCO standard products are gradually influencing our life and improving our life.



Sample show:

          HASCO standard export mold

export mold

plastic mold and parts



Q:Can the mold add hot runner function during the design process?

A:As a general cold runner mold, hot runner design is added in the manufacturing process

Q: How long does it take for a new plastic mold to reach the T0 stage?

A: Our opening time to reach the T0 stage takes about 15-30 days, depending on the mold structure.


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