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Automotive Plastic Parts And Molds

We customize high quality molds and plastic injection parts for you. Our products include: automotive plastic parts, electronic plastic parts, household electrical plastic parts, toy plastic parts, etc.


Customized high quality automotive plastic parts and mold manufacturing factory China

Nowadays, plastics have become an important part of automobile industry.In developed countries, the amount of plastic used in automobiles has even become an important indicator of the level of automobile design and manufacturing.

The plastic parts inside the car include: central control desk, saddle, handrail, button, switch, safety belt button, sound cover, storage box, ashtray and so on.

Auto parts are made of plastic, which is not a product of cutting corners. Instead, it greatly improves the comprehensive performance of the vehicle, such as light weight, sound insulation, comfort and durability.With the development of automobile manufacturing technology, more and more plastic parts will appear in cars. Maybe one day, all plastic cars will appear in front of us.

The quality of automobile plastic parts can greatly influence the quality and grade of automobile.So it's very important to find a factory that makes automotive plastic parts.

DongGuan JiaoJin Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., specializes in providing mold development and production of automotive plastic parts for you.High quality products, high quality services for us to win customer support and trust!

Sample show:

Automotive plastic parts and mold

car plastic parts

           Automotive plastic parts molds





Q : What kind of plastic material is good hardness, high temperature environment, and good chemical resistance of the material can be used for automotive engine accessories?

A : The most suitable for automotive engine parts made of plastic PPS plus 20-40% glass fiber.

Q : If I have samples, can you make injection molds and produce plastic products?

A : Yes, we have a professional engineer and mold design engineers, as well as the production of injection professionals with your needs


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